Shipping Info

Thank you for your interest in Tommy's Margarita Mix!

About Ordering & Shipping Tommy’s Products
We ship to anywhere in the continental United States. All of Tommy's Margarita Mix must be kept refrigerated. To ensure that our fresh, all-natural products arrive to you in perfect condition, we ship our products in the following way:

- We currently only ship our products in 4-pack Margarita jugs of 32 ounce.

- Orders received by Wednesday Noon Pacific Time will be shipped via USPS for arrival by Friday of same week. Orders received after that will ship the following Monday.

- We ship the product frozen, which in no way damages flavor or quality. By the time it arrives to you, the product will have thawed and should be refrigerated (until code date on product) or frozen. Once a container is opened, please keep refrigerated and consume within 1 month or so.

- Our shipping method is USPS delivery to ensure prompt, fresh arrival of our product. 

- USPS ships Monday through Wednesday, 1-2 days, may take up to 3 days.